Perrault Falls, Ontario

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Over the Waterfall
Weekly Reflections from Wine Lake
By Ann Sherman

This book is dedicated to all the folks who find comfort at Wine Lake Camp – a wilderness resort in NW Ontario. Their backgrounds and experiences are different. Yet they all have one thing in common: a connection to the wilderness and a soulful yearning to return once more.

Excerpt from July 12, 2011
"Every summer for forty eight years, three high school friends from the heart of Chicago came to smell the fresh air, fish in the clear cool lakes, and rekindle their bonds of friendship. One Iranian immigrant, one Irish man, and one feisty Italian made a lasting impression on Wine Lake. With their passing comes the end of an era. Henry David Thoreau said it best, "Many men go fishing all their lives, not knowing it isn't fish they are after." Joe and Johnny have finally found what they were after. Their spirits are at rest at Wine Lake.

The draw of the wilderness at Wine Lake continues to call forth guys from big cities and small towns. Come... Come... Come full circle."

Available for $19.95 (US) at Wine Lake Camp, or for $24.95 (including shipping) from:
PO Box 3480, Nederland, CO  80466

A Fish Out of Water
A Fish Out of Water
330 pages of Adventurous Stories about Wine Lake Camp,
in Perrault Falls, Ontario from 1980 to 2005!

FOLLOW the journey of a young, city-born couple who experience life out on the edge of civilization in Northwestern Ontario. FEEL their devotion develop to the land and lake where they run a wilderness fishing camp.  MARVEL at the raising of a baby moose, bald eagles, and children in this remote area.  LAUGH at their employees’ and customers’ shenanigans.  BITE YOUR FINGERNAILS while reading about wilderness rescue attempts, forest fires, and tornados.  LIVE the urgency when logging interests threaten to destroy their home.  HEAR the sacred spirit speak through the winds, water, animals, and plants.  REMINISCE about vacations where solitude, natural wonders, & trophy fish abound! GET OFF THE GRID and BACK TO NATURE at Wine Lake Camp!

Available for $29.95 (US) at Wine Lake Camp, or for $34.90 (including shipping) from:
PO Box 3480, Nederland, CO  80466

Summer Address (May - October)
Perrault Falls, Ontario P0V-2K0
Radio phone (9am-9pm) (807) 222-3500
Wine Lake Camp and Outposts in Northwestern Ontario, Canada
Winter Address (November - April):
Nick Karakis
5860 State Road
Wadsworth, Ohio 44281

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Wine Lake Camp, Perrault Falls, Ontario

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