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Green Tackle Ideas


On your next trip to purchase tackle, look for these earth-friendly suggestions.  Some items are available for purchase at Wine Lake Camp.  Ask your favorite tackle store to carry GREEN TACKLE equipment.

1) BISMUTH JIGS (“nature jigs” by  Northland Tackle)  and tin weights (by Water Gremlin and Bullet Weights) do not contain lead.  Switch away from lead-based lures and weights that are fatal to water fowl.

2) BARBLESS HOOKS:  bend down the barbs on all hooks with needle nose pliers, or file down larger barbs.  Fish have a better chance of survival when easily removed from the hook.

3) SINGLE HOOKS:  use one hook instead of numerous treble hooks.  Fish caught on lures with a single hook have the best chance of survival when released. 

4) If you fish with soft plastics, switch to BIODEGRADABLE MOLDED BAITS (FoodSource Lures). Fish will ultimately die if they consume traditional soft plastic lures.

5) Use CIRCLE HOOKS (by Daiichi or Eagle Claw) with live or dead bait rigs.  Designed for easy release with a unique shape which automatically catches in the corner of the fish’s mouth when you reel in. It is rare to gut-hook a fish using a circle hook.

6) BIOLINE (by Eagle Claw) is 100 percent biodegradable fishing line.  It will retain its strength and durability for 10 -12 months and then completely degrade in water or land within five years.  Standard monofilament fishing line lasts over 600 years and entangles birds, turtles, and other wildlife.

7) BIODEGRADABLE LEADERS (by Eagle Claw ) break down naturally in the environment in approximately  5 years, as compared to 500 years for standard leaders. 

8) RUBBER MESH NETS do not damage the exterior of the fish and make for easier hook removal. 

9) Use a DE-HOOKING TOOL, OR NEEDLE-NOSE PLIER, that allows you to release fish in the water with minimal contact.

10) Land larger fish using a CRADLE to support their bellies while keeping them horizontal.  Do not lift large fish by the jaw or gill plate. HOLD fish horizontally while supporting the belly for a photo opportunity. 

11) Land fish quickly by using the proper LINE TEST STRENGTH, ROD and REEL for swift landing.

12) Keep your hands wet when handling fish, or use SOFT WET GLOVES.  The protective coating or slime needs to stay on the fish. 

Little Changes make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

During a typical fishing season, I spend a lot of time in a boat angling and do quite well.  But nothing holds an equal to the fishing environment, as well as the fish that are caught, in Wine Lake.  I’ve often wondered who is “really” being caught at Wine Lake, because from the day I leave WLC, I begin counting the days as to when I will return.  And there’s nothing wrong with that, except it’s not soon enough.

Sterling Washburn, Clear Lake, IA

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