Will live bait be permitted across the border this season?

No live bait will be allowed across the border, to reduce the processes at the border as well as to comply with Ontario's baitfish regulations.

What are the requirements for unvaccinated Children under 12 to enter Canada for leisure travel?

·Unvaccinated children under 12 do have to be tested before entry using either the molecular (PCR) test 72hrs before entry or the rapid antigen test (at a lab or healthcare site) 24hrs. If they are travelling with a vaccinated adult they will no longer have to quarantine upon arrival.
· Currently, unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated children under 12 must complete pre-entry, arrival and Day-8 tests, unless the child is under 5 years of age or you have evidence that the child had a positive COVID-19 test taken at least 10 calendar days and no more than 180 calendar days before entering Canada. For the positive test, counting starts the day following the day after testing.
· For example, if your child’s positive COVID-19 molecular test was taken on January 1, the first day your child could use it for entry into Canada by land or water would be January 11. If your child is flying, the earliest scheduled departure date of their flight to Canada would be January 11.
· Children under 12 years old, travelling with fully vaccinated adults, will continue to be exempt from quarantine, without any prescribed conditions limiting their activities.

Are there any exemptions for US travellers that cannot get vaccinated due to medical reasons?

Persons who are unable to complete a COVID-19 vaccine dosage regimen as a result of a medical contraindication, and are eligible to enter Canada, are exempt from the prohibition of entry if:
· they have a medical condition that is a contraindication that prevents them from completing a COVID-19 vaccine dosage regimen,
· they have in their possession written evidence from a physician who is licensed to practice medicine, or other evidence considered reliable by the Minister of Health, on the recommendation of the Chief Public Health Officer, confirming that they have a contraindication to a COVID-19 vaccine dosage regimen
Basically, an unvaccinated traveller would need to have written evidence from a licenced physician stating they are unable to be vaccinated in order to be eligible for entry.
Note: An unvaccinated foreign national eligible to enter is currently subject to a day 1 and day 8 COVID test as well as a 14 day quarantine period upon arrival, which makes staying at a resort a near impossibility for this client.

What will the process be for work permits and paperwork for US camp owners this year?

So far we have heard that the CBSA will use the same process as last year for US camp owners. We are expecting that emails will be sent to US camp owners in the next week to provide more details.

NOTE: We are expecting things to change between now and the season open. NOTO will continue to communicate with CBSA regularly for relevant news to share with the industry. In the meantime, it is strongly recommended that guests are sent to check the travel.gc.ca website as they make their plans.

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