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Great Fishing at Wine Lake Camp & Outposts

The 8000 acres of Wine Lake are teeming with a wide assortment of game fish. Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Perch and Smallmouth anglers return to our lodge year after year. Wine Lake features many islands and countless bays for you and your fishing party to explore. This cold clear water lake reaches depths of 100 feet while shallower adjoining lakes are primarily stained. For those who enjoy venturing away from camp you can travel through winding tributaries into several other connecting lakes and river systems such as: Anishinabi, Beaver, Turn Around, Mud, Ghost, Wabaskang, Halverson, Tipover, and Duck Lakes.

You may not feel the need to go anywhere as our camp is the only one on Wine Lake. Excellent fishing is just five minutes away! If you want to experience even more remote areas, fly-out charters can be arranged leaving from our dock to other secluded lakes. Boat caches are available on five different portage lakes for exciting day trips. The variations are endless! Do as much or as little as you like.

"I enjoyed hiking to Little Trout Lake and catching some really nice lakers. And after 20 years of visiting Wine Lake Camp, I finally headed to Anishinabi Lake for a day. It was well worth the trip -- a definite highlight to see a 300 ft. deep crystal clear lake with cliffs." Paul Stover, IA

Go After the Walleye

Great Fishing at Wine Lake Camp & Outposts In our area, the peak time for reeling in this species is early June, after they have rested from a hearty spawn. The walleye fishing is plentiful amid Wine Lake's many rocky shoals. As well, some of our connecting bodies of water produce successfully from mid-May to September. Use 1/16 - 1/4 oz. jigs, spinners, twister tails, rapalas and live bait (minnows and worms) to lure plenty of feasting-size pickerel. Bounce your jig off the bottom in 8-12 feet of water. Troll along the windy shoreline when there is a "walleye chop" on the lake and baitfish are helping to drive the walleye into a feeding frenzy.

An average catch consists of 1 - 2 pounders but the Ministry of Natural Resources has designated Wine lake as a trophy walleye fishery where 6-12 pounders are very common. While the
smaller walleye (14"-18") make for the best eating, thousands of trophy-size walleye (18" - 32") are caught and released each year. The Wine Lake Conservation District is working hard to guarantee this species will be around for the enjoyment of future generations.
Great Fishing at Wine Lake Camp & Outposts recognized Wine Lake in 2006 for the largest walleye caught and released in Ontario. A 34" walleye was gently released by Jim Miller of Tallahassee, FL.

The Conservation District policy is to eat only 14" - 18" walleye since the larger ones (brood stock) replenish the lake.

Great Fishing at Wine Lake Camp & Outposts

Wilderness Northern Pike Fishing

Wilderness Northern Pike FishingMany an angler comes to our area to hunt the cagey northern pike. The battle these "big mamas" will give you makes for an exciting, fast-action fishing trip! Our pike will eat almost anything so be prepared with tough leaders and extra line. Drag a rapala or cast a shiny spoon into the cabbage weeds and prepare to match wits with a trophy-size northern. Fly fishermen and top water bait anglers also get a thrill when hungry pike break the surface. Please gently catch and release these monsters who weigh-in anywhere from 10-25 lbs! (30" plus)

Ike Curry (Indianapolis, IN) uses red and white or orange and yellow deceivers with a 9 weight Orvis reel and 9 weight, 9-9 1/2 foot non-Ugly Stick flyrod to nail the big ones.

The largest northern are usually landed in spring or late summer and fall. Amateurs and children can enjoy a day's adventure pulling in lively 3-5 pounders. All season long the fishing is consistently good, so come out and give it a whirl. We'll even teach you how to get out all the Y-bones!

Congratulations to all those who caught and released Northern Pike over 40 inches in length in 2014: Ed King, Al Marsh, Bill Garfoot, Matt Watson, Hal Habermann, Derek Peterson, Chris Vanhorn, Skeeter Thompson, and Nate Swank.

A Rustic Location for Trout Anglers

A Rustic Location for Trout Anglers

In spring and late September try fishing the shallow water for lake trout. These delicious fish can be boiled, grilled or baked. No matter how you do it they make a fine meal! During the heat of the summer, in June, July and August, those angling for trout need to use weights or downriggers to entice the lakers with their light-weight silver and fluorescent spoons.

During the hot season this species likes to hang out at 50-70 feet below surface. We have a catch and release policy for these slow-growing fish who can reach weights of 10-25 pounds. The largest lake trout on record at Wine Lake weighed in at over 41 pounds!

Lake Trout are a rare cold water species. Only 1% of Ontario Lakes still contain any lake trout. Despite this, Ontario boasts nearly 25% of the world's lake trout population. Many trout lakes are vulnerable to damage from pollution, habitat destruction, over-exploitation and the introduction of exotic species. This unique species requires special intervention to insure it's survival. Careful handling and release of brood stock trout over 22" helps protect this fragile fish. The recognized Wine Lake in 2006 as the home of the largest released laker in Ontario. The 45" lake trout was caught by Mike Jones of St. Louis, MO. In 2014, Spencer Logemann caught and released a 41-1/2 inch Laker.

Small Mouth Bass Have Arrived!

Get a thrill tangling with lively small mouth bass by the Anishinabi Falls. This active species is being reeled in around the 14"-19" size. While protected until their spawn ends in mid-June, their action adds to a day of excitement during the rest of the summer.

If you want to try fly fishing in the rapids, Kyle Cameron suggests large and heavy chartreuse streamers that imitate minnows. Ike Curry used wet dragonfly and irresistable nymphs with 5 weight, 8 1/2 ft. reel/rod combo. During the mayfly hatch. Kyle used dry flies such as wooly buggers, leech patterns and clouser minnows. Both anglers recommend a sinking tip line extension to get the flies deep.

Mark Mace, of Indianapolis, IN, was surprised by a 21" smallie in June, 2009. In 2013, Ike Curry landed a 20" with a fly rod, while Ron Meeks and Lynn Davis both tangled with lively 19 1/2 inch Bass in 2014.

Jumpin' Jumbo Perch

Plenty of 12"–14" jumbo perch are caught and released each year. If you like a plate full of eating size perch (9"–11 3/4"), you'll appreciate fishing on Wine Lake with a 1/16 oz. jig and nightcrawler. Possession limits range from 25 to 50 fish per license. Bob Miller, from Appleton WI, reeled in a 14 3/4 inch Perch in September of 2014.

After catching non-stop perch this summer, 10-year old Madi Brewer exclaimed, "I feel like I'm living the dream!"

Wine Lake Catch & Release Policy. Put 'em back alive!

WINE LAKE provides endless TROPHY FISHING POSSIBILITIES All anglers staying with Wine Lake Camp are required to practice Catch and Release fishing. This means that you can eat smaller fish during your stay, but you cannot keep any trophy-sized fish. Handle all fish with care, take their measurement and gently release the larger ones into the water for future generations to enjoy. We ask that you take lots of quick pictures, enjoy the fight of a real trophy, and perhaps have a longlasting replica made. Trophy fish have reached sexual maturity and are the main breeders which sustain our top quality fishery. Wine Lake has been carefully managed since 1995 for excellent fishing potential. While fishing in the Wine Lake Conservation District, you will be the beneficiary of this conservation policy where ALL breeding stock are released to replenish the lake

All trophy fish at (or over) these weights must be carefully and immediately returned to the water after landing.

Walleye 2 lbs. (18") are 5 years old
Northern Pike 10 lbs. (35 1/2") are 15 yrs. old
Lake Trout 4 lbs. (22") are 8 years old
Small Mouth Bass (13 3/4")
Jumbo Perch (12")

Catch and Release cradles are supplied with each boat to insure these trophies may be caught again. Our staff will gladly teach you how to carefully release your trophy with a cradle.

Some basic fish handling techniques include:
1) Never lift a fish by it's lower jaw or hold it in a vertical position.
2) Always support the fish's underside as you hold it horizontally.
3) Do not touch a fish's eyes or gills.
4) Work quickly to remove the lure and return the fish to the water.
5) Keep your hands or a cloth wet while handling your fish

Grab a quick photo and measure their length but do not put the fish on a stringer or delay its return to the water in any way. Keep 'em WET & HORIZONTAL!

We are already seeing the payoff from years of careful management. Wine Lake Camp has been listed among the TOP FIVE LODGES for number of released Trophies in Ontario every year since 2005.

Wine Lake is as productive as it ever was -- thanks to decades of abiding by a strong Catch and Release policy. Every year thousands of brood stock walleye ( 18 -25 inches) are released back into the lake. Since this size walleye contributes the most to the spawn, Wine Lake anglers are insuring that the lake they love to fish will produce great eating-size walleye again and again.

Hundreds of TROPHY lake trout, northern pike, perch, small mouth, and walleye are also released each year. The monsters of each species are gently held horizontally and then quickly released so that others may catch and capture their excitement on film too.

Everyone who practices Catch and Release on Wine Lake is rewarded. The coveted C&R pin is proudly won and the story that goes with it is retold and exaggerated for years to come.

"You can only attribute the great trophy fishing to one thing - an ongoing catch & release policy." Mark Mace, Indianapolis, IN.

THE FISH by Elizabeth Bishop (1946)

I caught a tremendous fish
and held him beside the boat half out of the water,
with my hook fast in a corner of his mouth.
He didn't fight. He hadn't fought at all.
He hung a grunting weight, battered and venerable and homely...
I admired his sullen face, the mechanism of his jaw,
and then I saw that from his lower lip
--if you could call it a lip--
grim, wet, and weaponlike,
hung five old pieces of fish-line,
or four and a wire leader with the swivel still attached,
with all their five big hooks grown firmly in his mouth.
A green line, frayed at the end where he broke it,
two heavier lines, and a fine black thread
still crumpled from the strain and snap
when it broke and he got away.
Like medals with their ribbons frayed and wavering,
a five-haired beard of wisdom trailing from his aching jaw...
And I let the fish go.

Summer Address (May - October)
Perrault Falls, Ontario P0V-2K0
Radio phone (9am-9pm) (807) 222-3500
Wine Lake Camp and Outposts in Northwestern Ontario, Canada
Winter Address (November - April):
Nick Karakis
5860 State Road
Wadsworth, Ohio 44281

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Wine Lake Camp, Perrault Falls, Ontario

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