At Wine Lake Camp, water is everything. It is the vessel that carries our boats magically back to this remote paradise. It is the waves that toss us to and fro on a windy day. It is the rain that dances upon our roof top and lulls us to sleep. It nourishes the boreal forest and cools us down in the heat of summer. It sustains the fishery that delights one and all. Water and Ice at Wine Lake Camp & Outposts The water of Wine Lake is clear and cool. It refreshes us and re-hydrates us. The filtered water of Wine Lake tastes magnificent. We encourage everyone who visits the wilderness to bring along a reusable water bottle so they can enjoy the water of Wine. Plastic water bottles cannot be recycled locally and continue to fill up the landfill. There is no need to haul cases of water to Wine Lake. The water of Wine is all one needs.

In the heart of winter, a crew of daring souls brave the freezing temperatures and cut 500 lb. blocks of ice from Wine Lake. Sixty tons of ice get stored in the a timber-framed ice house. A deep layer of sawdust preserves the ice for months. Even without refrigeration, this ice lasts all summer long and well into the fall months. Ice for drinks and chilling down your catch make living in the wilderness seem luxurious. The character of Wine Lake Camp is defined by the unique tradition of ice cutting.

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